Reviews & Testimonials

"Thick paper, LOVE the color, minimalist design that speaks to my soul, 10/10 planner will definitely be buying this again." – Devon (August 2020)

"It's great! So simple and minimalist. I am using a few other planners (life passion for schedule and DBT planner for self care) with it but I really love it for my morning routine and keeping everything in check. Having 2 ribbons is also SO helpful!" – Nicolette (January 2021)

"Two weeks into using this planner. Not only is it helping me remember each little thing I need to do but I swear I’m getting more done each day. Durability has been great. Love the thickness of the pages." – Chaffee (Dec 2020)

"This planer has exactly the pages pictured. I like that it's not dated, so you can start it whenever. It is quite sturdy and thick, if you are looking for a thin planner this is not it. It's robust and great for thoroughly organizing your days, weeks, and months." – Jules (Nov 2020)

"I'm a planner. Over the years I've purchased any number of planners - from Erin Condren, to Happy Planner, to Moleskin, to Cambridge, to - you name it, I've bought and used it. The well designed Anecdote suits my needs. The design is flexible - allowing you to start any month or year, which is super helpful. And it's not so small that it doesn't allow for real planning - but it's the right size for notes, plans, projects, 'to-do' lists, and it fits comfortably in my purse or in my laptop case. It's a great price point and by far the best planner I've ever used. It's become an essential part of my day and how I plan out my projects. I will buy it again." – M. L. (Oct 2020)

"I love this planner! If you’re looking for a way to budget your time and break down your personal AND career goals, this planner does that extremely well! I’ve had mine for about two months now and am absolutely satisfied. I like how much detail you can put in your weekly and daily tasking. It has done wonders for my organization." – Charlie (Aug 2020)

"I love this planner. So much nicer than digital! Call me old-fashioned but this planner is beautiful, perfectly sized, and organized for ease of use. Easy access to everything, perfect for planning and setting goals. For daily reference, everything is there on one page: schedule, priorities, to do list, notes. There’s also a front section for monthly planning and scheduling. Two ribbon placeholders—in a color that matches closely to the nutmeg binding—are a great idea—one for the month you’re in, one for the day you’re on. Beyond the great looks and practicalities, there’s something reassuring and comforting about using paper and pen to think about the future, make plans, and record daily events and thoughts—especially in these crazy covid days!" – Mark (Jul 2020)

"I worry about buying planners mid-year but it’s not a problem with this one as it’s made for 2020-21 but doesn’t pre-print dates so you can start when you get it. It’s really well made and a cool, stylish planner. I love it already." – Justin (Jul 2020)