Puffer Laptop Case

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  • STYLISH AND SLEEK: Our computer case is stylish and sleek. These days your computer is your companion. Can you even imagine life without your devices? Sort of sad but true. That's why it deserves the comfiest and best place to travel. Our 13 to 14 inch laptop case is the perfect addition to your office supply set.
  • SIZE & MATERIAL: Our 13–14-inch case fits ALL 13-inch -13.5-inch laptops & *most* 14-inch laptops. The outer sleeve dimensions: 10.5" x 14.25" x 0.75". Our 13 to 14 inch laptop sleeve are made of 100% nylon, quilted with padding inside and with a zipper closure. We have included extra space so you could also include your charger & mouse or any other important items you want to bring along.
  • COLORS & DESIGN: Our laptop sleeves come in 7 chic colors, one for any mood. Our laptop cover have a puffy shell that are simultaneously protective and stylish. We have designed this laptop sleeve to be practical, comfortable and high quality, but without sacrificing the aesthetic elements.
  • AESTHETIC & FUNCTIONAL: Our 13 to 14 inch laptop sleeve stays true to our ethos. We know how important it is for you to have reliable products that are usable and functional but there is no denying that in the rhythm of productivity, style is essential. Our laptop sleeves offer a stylish approach to this utilitarian everyday necessity.
  • FITS IN YOUR BAG: Our laptop sleeve has a nice protective feel but also isn’t too bulky. Lightweight while offering protection to your computer, it fits easily in most bags or backpacks.